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Perform 3-5 sets of 10-12 repetitions per exercise.

1. Lateral Dumbbell Raise.
Seated upright on a flat bench, keep your elbows bent and raise the dumbbell from your side to shoulder level. This exercise works the side deltoids.

2. Behind The Neck Press.
Done on Hammer Strength machine.

3. Reverse Pec-Dec Flye.
Done on pec-dec machine. Facing the weight stack, extend your arms back until they are parallel with your torso. This exercise works the rear deltoids.

4. Front Dumbbell Raise.
Alternate raising dumbbells to eye level. This exercise isolates the front deltoids.


Perform 3-5 sets of 10-12 repetitions per exercise.

1. Lying French Press ("skull crushers").
Lying on a flat bench, keep your upper arms stationary and lower an EZ curl bar or dumbbells to your forehead.

2. Tricep Pushdown.
In a standing position, facing a cable weight stack, take a shoulder width grip on a straight bar. Press down and in towards your legs straightening the arms.

3. Overhead Dumbbell Extension.
Using an upright bench for back support, start with a single dumbbell behind your head. Keep upper arms stationary and use elbow as pivot point, exhale and extend overhead.

4. Dumbbell Kickback.
Keep your upper arm and elbow stationary and kick the dumbbell back behind you by extending at the elbow.

Additional tips
*While training triceps, keep your wrists locked (neither bent forward nor back).
This allows for a complete triceps muscle contraction.

* Triceps are the largest muscle group in the arm.
The triceps make up almost two-thirds of the bulk of the arm (biceps being the
other third). A great way to tighten the back of your arms is to include tricep
exercises regularly into your overall workout program.

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