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BALANCED NUTRITION is essential to achieving your exercise goals

Jeff's Phylosophy

I believe in eating healthy, well-balanced meals that contain a variety of foods.  Including nutrient dense foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals.
No short cuts, no fad diets and no magic pills. Nutritional supplements are not substitutions.  Eating properly improves muscular strength, endurance and recovery between workouts.  Remember that each individual has different nutritional needs.  In the end, dedication and self-discipline will determine the results! – Jeff

When preparing for a bodybuilding / power lifting competition: 
Carbohydrates / sugars and proteins are manipulated according to body composition and strength goals. 

The following is an example what works well for my personal physique.

Morning meal:

          1 3/4 packets LEAN BODY or MET- Rx mixed w/ water

          30 - Natural unsalted walnuts

          1 cup - Fresh berries
          1 1/2c - fat free milk



(Egg white/oatmeal omelet)
18 - egg whites / 1 yolk

add: 1 cup Quaker quick oats in Pam sprayed skillet

add: cinnamon & Vanilla Crème stevia extract 
1 – Honey crisp apple

1 1/2c - fat free milk




8oz - baked sweet potato w/ Frontier Natural pumpkin pie spice
add 1/4 cup Quaker quick oats 
6oz - grilled/broiled/baked chicken breast (boneless/skinless)


60 mins before workout:

          CaHMB - 3g


30 mins before workout:

          ISO 100 - whey protein Isolate - 2scoops = 48g w water

          BA Endurance: Beta Alanine - 4 capsules



During workout:

          HICA Max - 5 tablets


Immediately After workout:

          10g creatine monohydrate + 70g of Vitargo w water

          Glutamine - 5g mixed w water

          BA Endurance: Beta Alanine - 4 capsules



Noon meal:

3/4 cup - jasmine rice = 108g carbs 
6oz - grilled/broiled/baked chicken breast (boneless/skinless)



8oz or 3 - small boiled new potatoes 
6oz - grilled/broiled/baked chicken breast (boneless/skinless)


Evening meal:

          8oz - grilled/broiled Sole, Grouper, Flounder, Tuna or Salmon

         12- steamed asparagus or 1/2 - Seedless cucumber





Grilled chicken kabobs x 2 skewers

prepared w Red/Orange/Yellow bell pepper & Vidalia sweet onion




Additional tips

      Your metabolism ONLY works if you feed it!

2.  Last meal of the day eventually determines your body composition.
     ...Lean protein source plus steamed veggie consistently!

3.  BALANCE…. Always eat in combinations - Protein + carbohydrate.
     Thermic effect of protein  --- raises metabolism.


4.  Consume majority of calories during the day while active!!!!
     Two largest starchy carb meals = Morning meal & mid day /after training meal.

5.  Include Fruits in the AM, Veggies in PM.
     Fruits have natural sugars and more calories than vegetables.

6.  Include natural diuretics: asparagus & seedless cucumber!
     Aspartic acid helps improve muscle definition.

7. Water for hydration.
    Drink BEFORE you are thirsty… PREVENT dehydration & early fatigue.
    Bottom line...If Dark urine (color of apple juice) = dehydration
    If Pale yellow (color of lemonade) = good

8. Limit alcohol…
    One day per week will not prevent you from reaching your goals…6 out of 7 will.
    and Excessive alcohol consumption prevents reduction of existing body fat!

9. Calcium supplement required if NOT consuming 3+ servings of dairy products
    per day.

Calcium is needed to build/maintain bone strength; helps prevent osteoporosis; 
    Calcium citrate - most absorbable form.

10. Convenience meal drinks for traveling.
      Lean Body by Labrada Nutrition - mix w/ water
      = 290 calories, 45g protein, 24g carbohydrates

11. All-U-Can-Eat sushi once a week.  
      Include tuna, salmon and eel for energy!

12. Proper training + BALANCED NUTRITION + Adequate rest = RESULTS!