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Tatjana Pitts

Tatjana Pitts

.....I joined world gym last February with my husband, Duncan. Neither of us had worked out in years, but we both knew that we were out of shape and needed to do something. I didn't consider myself overweight, but I did have a few unflattering bulges around my hip area and the dreaded cellulite on my thighs. I had never worked out with weights before, so I really didn't know what I was doing. I learned the basics by observing other gym members perform different types of exercises.

.....After four months of going to the gym and working out three days per week, we noticed Jeff personal training other people. We were both impressed by his appearance. He looked like he "walked the talk," and the people he was working with appeared to be benefiting from his training, so Duncan and I decided that we would try a few sessions.

.....The first thing Jeff asked us about was our physical fitness goals. I wanted to become more toned overall and be able to lift my own body weight. I couldn't even do one push-up!

.....After our first session with Jeff, we decided we needed the kind of guidance he could offer and so we began our training under his expert direction. The first few sessions Jeff had to reprogram the way we had been working out. When we were working out on our own, we would spend almost two hours working all our muscle groups and drag ourselves out of the gym each time. Jeff taught us the importance of focusing the workout sessions so we would exercise specific body parts on specific days, like chest, shoulders and triceps one session, and back and biceps the next, and so on.

.....In conjunction with the training, Jeff gave us nutritional advice on how to achieve our exercise goals. He provided us menus with the types of foods we should eat. We learned the importance of combining carbohydrates and proteins at each meal to achieve maximum performance during our workouts and throughout the day.

.....After training with Jeff for 10 months, my body fat went from 21.8% to 10.5%. I have lost 15 pounds of fat and gained 6 pounds of lean body weight.

.....Jeff has been very motivational and supportive. With his expert training and proper nutritional guidance, he has transformed me into a healthier, happier person and helped me meet my goals. - Tatjana Pitts



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